And this is why I still buy and rip CDs and DVDs, or download and save in DRM-free formats: so that what I’ve bought remains with me, unless *I* delete it.

QT v0max: Just a reminder that when you "purchase" music online, you're not buying the music, only a temporary revocable license.

I noticed that several albums I had purchased years ago had silently disappeared from my library. When I contacted @apple, they told me it's not their problem.

I recently went to some second-hand store and was absolutely delighted to find out they were also selling CDs 😎

@FreePietje @neil I spent a lot of time in exact audio copy years ago. Also backup the itunes library to my NAS here and there. If the above happened to me I'd have zero concern grabbing those off of usenet somewhere.

@neil wait, maybe I've missed something.. With Apple Music you can still save copies of the songs you buy, right?
At least I could do so the last time I used iTunes (a few years after the dinosaurs went extinct, so not that recently though). Did they change it?

@sigsegv If you buy from the iTunes Store, you get a (DRM-free) copy. If you subscribe to Apple Music, their streaming service, you might be able to cache temporarily, but it’s tied to a subscription.

@neil @sigsegv However, it looks as if the person here bought the music - so not Apple Music - but, for some reason, didn’t have a copy, and went to download it again but could not.

@neil aha, so that's two different things! I thought Apple Music was just a new name for iTunes. Thanks!

@neil Do people really still sell DRM-encumbered music these days? That quote would have been correct ten years ago; but I thought DRM was dead for paid music downloads.

@jamescridland I guess it depends on whether they downloaded the music, or just liked to stream it whenever they wanted.

@neil Downloaded. I'm unaware of any licensing servers still in operation.

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