Does this tool exist (ideally as FOSS):

- you upload a series of slides / add content
- viewers access a web page
- as you advance the slides/content, the content on the webpage changes automatically


So you can present, without the bandwidth of video / screen sharing.

@neil I don't think it exists, but I think I know how to build it using GunDB:

That's actually an interesting project. If only I didn't have too many side-projects already...

@neil that said, building a prototype with GunDB would be reasonably simple.

@rysiek @neil, oh the irony. The homepage video ends with "thanks for checking out our YouTube channel".

@walter @neil yeah, their website is absolute crap. It was worse though, believe it or not:

(go on, try to move your mouse over that site, I'll wait)

Ignore the "database for freedom fighters" bit. It's just a ~useful distributed key-value store that works (and syncs) directly in the browser.

@neil I wrote one custom implementation (if you can host php code somewhere)

You create the slides as layers in inkscape.

Let me know if you'd like to know more.

@neil It somehow seems like Reveal.js running one server as in presenter mode and everyone else as replica.

(Note: I never used the presenter mode in Reveal.js, so I may be wrong.)

@juliobiason @neil

Yeah. That's actually exactly Reveal.js' speaker mode.

@neil it sounds like the sort of thing that should be easy to make, even with a voice chat feature (WebRTC can do that).

@neil this sounds like something Clotho/MediaLandscape did around 1999 (my first PHP project…)

@neil I think it is not possible to take into account the delay between the speaker actually speaking and the time the viewers receive the (audio) stream. It varies depending on platforms and setup. From the viewer PoV, slides would change anywhere between 10 and 60 seconds before the audio transition between those slides.
Also, it would be impossible for viewers to pause/timeshift the broadcast.

@x_cli It’s a live talk, so I’m not too worried about the lack of a “pause” option. I’m willing to test it in terms usability, and it looks like revealjs has a well-established tool.

@neil I would be interested in hearing about your results :)

@neil, there's a tool that does something like that, but geared towards web design: "Figma: the collaborative interface design tool."

People already pointed out reveal.js, so I'll echo that.

Additionally, big blue button supports uploading slides and does not transfer them as video to the listeners. If you need to stream audio anyways, this could be a nice all-in-one solution?

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