From “launched” to “taken offline” in about 8 hours.

QT redman: Some personal news! ✨

Two friends and I created a new thing to fix online recipes 😄 - your favourite recipes except without the ads or life stories 🍩

Feedback and RTs appreciated! 🙏

@neil FFS... the long-winded winded stories are mostly for SEO and the ads make we furious when I'm trying to follow a recipe and they pop in, pop over, or push down the content I'm readying. I would love something like this and keep credit to the author in a meaningful fashion.

@neil I don't get it. Aren't recipes algorithms? If so it seems reasonable to me to copy/reproduce them, in particular with attribution.

@neil has more context.

I guess the "no ads or life stories" struck a chord. The latter does read like "we take the humanity out of it".

@neil right, and several people do make the point that the people depending on ad revenue for these blogs are mostly women who have built them into businesses.

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