What if there was a technology which enabled orgs to host their content on the Internet, which didn’t require people to go through a third party platform to access them?

Something available on a world wide basis, perhaps.

They could offer a really simply syndication system too.

@neil Do you think orgs would like to reference other orgs' content? The content would be linked together, kind of like a spider's web. That could be pretty useful. Perhaps we could call it the world wide web... Oh, I see what you did there.

@neil (To anyone wondering what this is about: because of a new, about-to-be-passed Australian law, Facebook no longer provides news there, while Google is going to pay for the right. This problem could be avoided if, instead of centralizing their consumption through FB and Google, people fetched news directly from publishers via RSS or Atom protocols.)

@minoru @neil the problem could be also avoided if the Australian government stopped passing stupid laws and trying to milk every last penny :comfyshrug:
@newt @minoru @neil the weird world when your industry degenerates to where you straight up expect people to only read a headline and then get mad when your uncopyrightable 7 world slug is copied by another website :blobcatgoogly:
@newt @minoru @neil although as i understnd its not so much facebook doesn't provide news, as everyone is banned from citing australian news sites.

@minoru @neil riding this post to link a RSS reader(the best information fetching, organizing and reading system currently)

Flym (Light and modern feed reader) -

@neil I think the problem isn’t with hosting per se, but with cash flow.

Media needs money for working. Where to take money from is undecided problem:

If you take money from adverts you will post content that maximizes clicks & views, harming objectivity and creating biases;
States-sponsored news outlets will inevitably start posting government propaganda;

The only solution I see is when corpos provide news coverage for professional groups using membership fee.

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