(But a trade mark owner might still pursue an injunction against the intermediary.)

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“The [German court] has stated unequivocally the two Amazon companies concerned have not themselves offered the goods for sale or put them on the market and the third-party seller alone pursued that aim. It follows that the Amazon companies have not themselves used the … mark"

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CJEU ruling about online marketplaces and trade marks:

“The mere storage by Amazon, in the context of its online marketplace (‘Amazon-Marketplace’), of goods which infringe trade mark rights does not constitute an infringement by Amazon of those trade mark rights.”


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Just became a member of my local library via the Libby app. (I'm ashamed to admit I didn't have a membership until now, although everyone else in my household does, but now that's put to rights.) 📖 This app lets you virtually check out books from your local library, which I figure may come in handy.

"I can't meet my obligations because of coronavirus"

A quick run-through of your ptions if you are unable to perform your contractual obligations, or meet non-contractual obligations (including ), because of :


I’ve just been reading a document about fibre optic cabling deployment for broadband, and it keeps referencing the need for “access to ducks” to carry the fibre runs.

Part of me really hopes it is not a typo / voice dictation error.

I had a fun afternoon, with my annual legal update to VoIP providers. I covered Ofcom's new customer notification requirements and proposals around 999 video relay, the CLOUD Act, and the GDPR, and I only mentioned blockchain a little bit.

Struggling to get your head around privacy (transparency) notices?

Our latest blogpost covers:

✅ what you need to put into your privacy notice
✅ how you need to do it
✅ when you need to provide this information



The Debian stable packages for matrix-synapse are rather out of date, so I switched to a Python installation yesterday, and that’s much better. So far, I’m impressed with matrix. And dendrite looks even more impressive than Synapse.

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Hey London (or close-by) web developers! We are thinking of holding some informal "office hours" at our Samsung KX space near King's Cross where people could come chat with us about web standards, web development, new web features, what's going on with Samsung Internet or browsers in general... We would like to hear more from the community. What do you think?

Apparently, a slicker verification system is in the works. Each user verifies their own devices, and each party verifies the identify of the other party — that would make it more user-friendly.

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Verifying encryption keys is not the slickest experience at the moment, but hey ho. It’s a test.

We’re running this as a closed service, so you can’t register on our server, but you can get a free matrix.org account if you don’t want to run your own server.

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We are testing out Matrix for end-to-end encrypted text, voice, and video communications, in addition to our usual offering of PGP for email.

If you’d like to give this a try, Neil is available at:


It looks like the Irish Supreme Court has thrown the issue of over the fence to the CJEU.

A re-run of the Tele2 case?

I see that there's yet another round of calls for an end to online anonymity — this time, because of sexting.

I was going to write a piece on the shortsightness (it's harmful) and pointlessness (it doesn't work) of "forced naming" polices, but instead here's a piece GirlOnTheNet has written:


(This page is SFW; her site generally is NSFW.)

First toot on our new Mastodon instance.

It's a shame that I don't know anyone else on Mastodon...


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