Instagram Ban Of Popular Pole Dancer Raises Solicitation Policy Concerns.

“Instagram did not respond to a request for comment” as to what led to the bungled ban of @bloggeronpole.

“I’m thinking of an acronym. It’s three letters. Or four if you include the occasional ‘F’ at the beginning.”

QT 0xdade: Yesterday one of my ssh keys didn't work for one of my servers. Server was still up and responding. SSH key was in my authorized keys.

Any guesses?

*BuzzFeed Voice* The answer may surprise you!

“Oh, hi Sauron! You’re never going to believe this, but I misheard the announcement, so I’ll soon be at Morden instead. Whoops!”

QT lizmulhall: Just London tube things

One has to wonder which groups will be leading the kind of technical development activity one might undertake to prevent, or frustrate, the worst aspects of this type of regime.

QT mgeist: Canada’s online harms plans packages worst from around the world:
✅secret hearings
✅broad inspection powers
✅mandated website blocking
✅24 hour takedowns
✅AI-based monitoring/police reporting
✅Internet regulation super-structure for content removals

Money they could have spent on 5,228 boxes of Hotel Chocolat’s “The Everything Sleekster”.

QT GazTheJourno: No ICO advocate me, but it's worth knowing that they spent £120k hunting down a £40k fine that the recipients tried to ignore.

But don’t worry, the is realistic and won’t result in any overblocking or ludicrous censorship.

QT joshuabadge: Trying to sell my beloved old dining table on marketplace and it’s been flagged for sexual content. My table is to hot for FB

Another round of price reductions and significant free package upgrades from @aaisp.

Customers on their 200GB package had a free upgrade to 300GB some months back, and it’s now 500GB. (2TB now 5TB.)

Home car charger owners urged to install updates (or superglue the lid shut).

A powerful piece by the bright sparks at @PenTestPartners, which will come as a shock to most electric vehicle owners, who may rightly wonder watt on earth is going on.

If only there was a means of distributing text quickly and efficiently, in response to payment if so desired, without worrying about printers :)

QT tara_aaron: Heard a fun tidbit today, from an aspiring author, that book printers are hopelessly behind. The main reason? Everybody actually wrote books during lockdown. 🤓

The new Grand Tour - Lochdown - was a success for me. Formulaic but fun, and it didn't feel as forced/contrived as the Madagascar one.

It’s almost as if policy makers are begging users to adopt DNS over https/TLS, and to use VPNs.

QT mediamorphis: Driving content regulation down to the ISP level is a sure-fire invitation for many others to push to expand ISP website blocking for all kinds of “bad content”. This is already occurring wrt website blocking for copyright protection purposes through recent, novel 12/

Do I have any freelancer followers on here who sell a “provide closed captions for videos” service?

I found something good!

It is, I believe, the first piece of draft English legislation to include the word “emoji”.

It went downhill from there…

QT neil_neilzone: Tomorrow, @cyberleagle and I will be talking to a group of junior tech lawyers about the tomorrow.

My challenge tonight is to find something — anything — good to say about it.

Other than "good intentions", with which the road to hell is paved.

Very Poor Newsflash

QT GazTheJourno: Do you know what really makes me trust your shonky VPN company? Scanning for unsecured Elasticsearch dbs, copying your findings and then finding some dodgy sod to email the press with a 'signature block' like this.

I wonder how much it will end up being after appeal.

QT business: Amazon gets fined almost $900 million for a data privacy breach, a record for the EU

So the same as when someone shoved a flyer for a fast food restaurant through your letterbox, then: anyone can see the untargeted content.

QT The_AVPA: @ASA_UK The ASA found that "Gambling and HFSS food ads were served in broadly similar numbers to Child and Adult Avatars, with no significant skew towards the adult profiles", so there appears to be little effective targeting of these ads away from children.

What’s that joke about, if the law’s not on your side, banging on about the facts, and if neither the law nor the facts is on your side, banging on the table?

There’s a strong sense that Disney will need a new table based on this…

QT consequence: UPDATE: Disney has responded to Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow lawsuit, calling it "sad and distressing in its callous disregard for the horrific and prolonged global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic."

The (for now, not-actually-emailing-you-porn) @PornByEmail service would be out of scope of the .

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