At risk of All[X]Matters-ing it, aren't period products a basic necessity for *everyone* who needs them?

The article makes a strong point, and perhaps we (well, the government) could step up more generally here.

Increased free product availability.


The thumb game. Where one person puts their thumb on the table, and everyone who notices has to do the same, until only one person hasn't realised what's going on, and they lose.

An early version of NFTs, where, one by one, people realise just what's going on.

"LibDems in New Push for Mandatory UK Social Broadband Tariffs" (via @ispreview)

What about smaller providers, or providers who offer a premium service for a price?

Wouldn't UBI be a better solution?

End to end , and services which let you meet and message people you do not already "know"

Thoughts on different categories of service, and the impact of .

I've popped into my taxi for a meeting, and the water in my bottle, left in here overnight, has frozen. Brrr...

Installing Twitter client Cawbird from the official Debian 11 Bullseye repo

A quick note on moving from the unofficial snap package to the official repository for apt installation.

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Make healthcare free.

Minimum wage in Maryland is $11 an hour.

2 hours of work just to see if you’re sick with a life threatening disease is wild.


📢In case you missed it, we have at-home Covid tests IN STOCK!
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Today's giveaway was the end of sensible rules.

What's the giveaway tomorrow? A free owl for every person of voting age?

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"If your impure or hostile or politically disaffected thoughts are everyone's business, you will have reason to express pure and patriotic ones instead...The decline of privacy brings on the rise of hypocrisy" Thomas Nagel (Harvard) 'Concealment and Exposure' (1998)

A prohibition on end to end encryption could leave you with . And that's not a good thing.

Perhaps the government's campaign could do with a little more balance and detail on the risks of communicating without ? Here's a stab at that.

: an Epic mess

My encounter with what I thought was spam, but actually seems to be a genuine age verification tool for a child's online gaming.

An age verification tool circumvented by giving your own email address? Oh good.

ICYMI, I published a relatively short, high level, primer on this morning. No maths needed.

This is going to get increasingly important in the coming weeks. More posts are to follow, about specific elements of debate.

The Curious Case of the Spurious CLI

In the unlikely event that you care about a rather odd SIP telephony CLI / numbering issue which vexed me today, and me tracking it down (probably):

The end to end encryption debate: 1: the (very) basics of "encryption".

This primer on end to end encryption has been sitting in my drafts for a while. Now seems a good time to release it.

Informed, helpful feedback is encouraged.

If this is true, presumably those of us who are British need to apologise for and condemn this person's actions, and explain what we are doing to stamp down on extremism within our communities.

I gave a talk "5 legal tips to help run your [development] business" to a conference today. It's about contracts and copyright, and the tips probably work for most laws and jurisdictions.

If you want the slides, help yourself:

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