A success in a tiny personal project this evening: for the first time, I've got my own authoritative DNS server running, for a test (sub)domain.

Admittedly, I've not got zone transfers to work yet, but an A record resolves, so I am happy.

Who puts a four hour video call on the diary, from 10:00 until 14:00?!

“Hi Neil, we’d love to watch you eat your lunch, so can you join this, please?”

So services will either not serve Poland at all, or else will need a capability of inhibiting access to content on a per-country level (which means identifying the country from which a user is visiting the service)?

A good way of entrenching the richest companies.

QT cyberleagle: “Under its provisions, social media services will not be allowed to remove content or block accounts if the content on them does not break Polish law.” polandin.com/51388314/justice-

Pimlico Plumbers to make workers get vaccinations

“People with strong anti-vaccination beliefs may be protected under equality law, Ms Hill added.”

*bangs head on table* bbc.co.uk/news/business-556542

BBC proofreading perhaps not quite up to scratch? At least, I’d be surprised if the animal which was a tiger just a few paragraphs below had become a lion…

Or perhaps that was part of the magic?

I *love* the fact that the SRA – the regulatory body for solicitors — has apparently been asked by Ofcom to give solicitors four years’ notice that their fax machines may stop working.


Am I reading this correctly?

Disciplinary proceedings against a solicitor.

Medical experts “substantially agreed that the continuation of [the case] represented a significant risk to [sol’s] life.”

Sol asked to postpone.

The SRA *opposed* postponement. sra.org.uk/sra/news/sra-v-soli

Hard to see how this will fail, IMHO. It is certainly a lot harder to cancel than it is to sign-up, and I don’t know anyone who has accidentally cancelled whereas I know a few who have accidentally signed up.

QT OnlineMediaLaw: Amazon faces legal challenge over Prime cancellation policy bbc.co.uk/news/technology-5563

One of the harms which the regulation aims to address is the unwanted proliferation of depictions of members.

QT AlecMuffett:

Never say I don’t give you anything useful!

If you want examples of:

✉️ email addresses
📞 phone numbers
🌍 domains
🔢 IP addresses

for your training, documentation, or code comments, bookmark this page.

QT decodedlegal: Alternatives to using genuine phone numbers, IP addresses, domain names and email addresses in your training and documentation

A useful post if you want an example phone number or email, but not the catchiest title.


I wish companies would stop doing this. Why on earth would someone need to "activate" a camera stabiliser?

I wonder if any personal data are processed as part of this activation. If they are, I'm struggling to see how it complies with the (UK)#GDPR.

QT alexbloor: Hello @DJIGlobal... Just what the actual F**K is this?

How dare you sell me a product that cannot be used until it is registered? Where the hell do you get off?!

"Skip. 5 more times remaining?!"

How is this even legal?!

AG's opinion (influential, not binding) is out in C‑645/19 Facebook v Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit.

I know we’re all under pressure at the moment, but “oh dear” to the healthcare person who’s just emailed me someone else’s occupational health record.

Fortunately, it’s encrypted.

Less fortunate, they sent the password to the same email address seconds later.

I love my RSS setup (FreshRSS as the server, Reeder as the client), but it doesn’t replace Twitter or mastodon for me. I like reading my RSS feeds, but social media offers something RSS doesn’t: conversation,

QT michaelbd: I honestly think RSS is the alternative to social media.


QT tiffmgraves: I’m FUMING. A law student called me to discuss a firm interview. The firm took her to lunch and, after everyone was seated, a lawyer said: “We don’t normally interview Black candidates, but your record was strong.” He thought it was a compliment. She was appalled. DO NOT DO THIS.

I wonder if this means that those who use their cloud service for managing their network need to check for recent unexpected changes?

QT thorsheim: Ubiquiti @Ubiquiti says users should change pwd & use 2FA due to a third party cloud provider having experienced unauthorized access:


ping @troyhunt @Scott_Helme

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