A geekily fun yet infuriating thread!

QT prt2m: Updating the maps for the car's satnav. I think if @BMW had tasked me with "come up with a more slow, painful and baroque process than the one we devised to do this thing" I would be hard pressed to deliver.

A gorgeous train!

And here’s someone who normally makes war gaming or DnD terrain, making a great interpretation of it:


QT moodvintage: 'Mercury' streamliner, 1936. Art Deco in all it's glory.

And perhaps just a small smattering of distrust of government promises about not using data for other purposes, or simply distrust of government (or, rather, big outsourcing company) IT projects.

QT remittancegirl: I find it really interesting that in the West, governments keep underscoring the fact that their Covid-19 apps don’t keep your data or your geolocation.

In the West, people care more about their personal privacy than they care about their community.

It is what it is.

I wonder what plan proponents of legislation have to prevent this?

QT HeyRowanEllis: am i the only one who gets zero results when they search this on google with "safesearch" on?

kind of seems like an awkward bit of machine learning that assumes a teen girl searching about her sexuality is automatically someone looking for porn about teenagers 🙃


QT TMT_Lawyer: Son just asked me upon what legal basis were MMU able to fence in 100s of first year students in halls, and enforce isolation with private security. Had to answer, absolutely no idea.

At least it will be obvious from their plain language, concise privacy/transparency information, which they’ll all have.

QT TheRealRevK: I do wonder how many 3rd party QR reader apps (iOS and Android) that "phone home" with what you scan, now have lots of logs of QR codes starting UKC19TRACING:1: and hence have a nice set of location data to play with...

Migrating our UniFi controller instance was actually a lot easier than I had feared: it really did go as planned, after I’d move the first test device. A good job done.

Has anyone done a study of the impact of COVID on trousers?

I ask as mine have been hanging in my wardrobe for the duration of the pandemic so far, and their waistbands have shrunk considerably.

It has affected them *all*, and they are now quite uncomfortable.

Presumably whoever is accused of this will claim that they’ve been framed.

QT FrankMcG: So on Tuesday I went into an Oakley store and their systems were down.

I went in again today and they’re still down and the workers are saying they’ve been told they were hacked.

Anyone know of anything?


QT bentasker: Taking revenge on your ex-employers kit really is one of the stupidest things you can do...

IT guy whose job was to stop ex-staff running amok on the network is jailed for running amok on the network theregister.com/2020/09/25/it_ via @theregister

Thank you, @TheRealRevK, for your work this morning tweaking the @firebrickltd’s VoIP stack and voip-answer: now, if you have a name/number pairing in the FireBrick’s new directory feature, you can pull this info through into the email delivering a call recording.


QT richardgomer: Biggest benefit of UBI is that it takes away the punitive admin burden of the current benefits system. The default position becomes support, instead of starvation. And can be done at no net cost, because those in the tax system can be made to pay it back.

“Marijuana and the Law”.

Well, I guess I get to advice on POTS.

QT JenReise: Teaching law school via Zoom has certainly required adjustment, but my Marijuana and the Law seminar has benefited from phenomenal guest speakers inc. Rep. @_RyanWinkler and, today, Karen O’Keefe of the @MarijuanaPolicy Project (from LA). 1/

DCMS “keeping tabs” on .

A timely reminder that this should be easier with iOS 14, and the upcoming release of Bug Sur for macOS. publictechnology.net/articles/

I found the thing which was broken, and fixed it.

But it must have been broken for some time as, in fixing it, something else which was definitely working broke.

I fixed that too, and those two things broke a third thing, which I fixed.

Those things were:

1) DNS
2) DNS
3) DNS

This was a particularly fun piece of work, and the underlying sentiment is so important.

(And @girlonthenet’s blog post, linked in this piece, also covers some broader valuable tips for freelancers and small businesses — take a look.)

QT decodedlegal: Kanye West isn’t the only global superstar who thinks that contracts should be plain English and consensual.

Enter the world of , and sex blogger @girlonthenet.


County lines drugs raids: the shut down of 102 mobile phones/numbers is, as far as I know, the biggest and most coordinated use of the drug dealing telecommunications restriction court order powers to date. bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-5428


QT aerwrites: Also, law students: If there’s someone out there doing what you want to do—reach out! Ask to talk! The worst that can happen? Someone says no or doesn’t reply. But most lawyers love talking about their work, especially to someone new to the profession. twitter.com/aerwrites/status/1

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