Obviously not, because removing anonymity has marginal, if any, benefit, and would cause massive harm.

QT SamCoatesSky: Would you consider removing anonymity on social media?

Anonymity on social media means MPs face huge attacks. The Home Secretary says that everything is on the table. “We want to make some big changes on that” said Priti Patel

There’s a 52 week lead time on a Librem 5 phone.


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It could make more than no sense to run a Web server on a Linux phone
It's always on and with mobile IPv6 it could have a stable address
IPv4 is a problem of course but who cares about the enormous chunk of Internet users who are still IPv4-only right

freeradius-allocated VLAN on Wi-Fi on an Apple TV via a .mobileconfig profile.

Try not to get too excited

Unless you have been struggling to make a freeradius-allocated VLAN via Wi-Fi config work consistently on an Apple TV.

In which case, enjoy.


I’m not sure what to make of this.

QT mathewjschwartz: Data breach: The Thingiverse site, dedicated to sharing user-created digital design files, leaked a 36GB backup file containing 228,000 unique email addresses and other personally identifiable information.

I honestly don’t how people manage to browse the web without an ad blocker, without tearing their hair out.

So many sites are an almost unusable mess, with tens of trackers and adverts stuffed everywhere.

Have you seen this, @alexbloor?

QT AdamsDrafting: Last week I purchased a biscotto stone for my @OoniHQ Koda 16. biscottostones.com/products/bi 1/6

In addition to the work I managed to get through today, I had two very enjoyable conversations - thanks @MissIG_Geek and @KathRella! A good day.


QT tomshardware: Pine64 Announces Updated PinePhone Pro Linux Powered Cell Phone trib.al/bsFVgV2

Please check your device’s “irony” setting before attempting this.

QT jerrybrito: This is remarkable. Celebrate cybersecurity month by downloading and app from a random link just texted to you.

I don’t know which phrase in this article makes me more nervous:

“hosting illegal religious texts”

“Cyberspace Administration of China” bbc.co.uk/news/technology-5892

Coming soon to a website near you, for online ?!

“No X-ray machine, no access”

QT photomao: Bill proposes to expand the use of scientific methods, including DNA analysis, at the border.

“Priti Patel threatening to use X-rays to verify asylum seekers’ ages” theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/o

Was this man prosecuted for owning a book he bought for his Kindle from Amazon? (4.5 stars, immediate download.)

Or for possessing the hard copy, deliverable in a couple of days?

QT BBCLookEast: Kettering man charged with having the Anarchist Cookbook bbc.in/2YVTjHO

Tweet deleted - the Blackwells book has the same title but is different.

Irrespective of the legal position here, how does one spell "Streisand"?

QT maxschrems: In an EXTRAORDINARY attempt by a public body, the @DPCIreland has sent us a "cease-and-desist letter" demanding that we delete documents on noyb.eu.

We will not comply.

⏩All details here: noyb.eu/en/dpc-requires-noyb-t

A neighbour has asked to borrow the Taxi Conference Room for a call, and lo my new business is born.


Yes, and it is no surprise that people who care about consent, and other people’s comfort and pleasure, engage in behaviours which focus on consent and mutual comfort and pleasure!

QT RisuToInu: I’m a sex educator and I write for sex blog and support a lot of sex worker groups. But I never ever in this world see the harmful abusive language that I see in some “professional” spaces. Kink communities are more respectful. Think on that

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