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Anyone know of a good #privacy respecting grammarly alternative?


The (limited) impact of the High Court's investigatory powers Liberty ruling on telecommunications operators

A quick look at last week's decision about the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, which I doubt will impact UK operators too much (if at all).

"TfL to begin issuing fines to drivers in cycle lanes"

It sounds akin to the speed camera system, so that there is scope for appeal where appropriate (a good thing), but this is not 100% clear from the article.

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Thank you FSFE for this amazing pack of stickers and leaflets!

If you want some, either message me with a postal address (UK only!), or ask me if you see me.

A lovely surprise in the parcel box today - a computer-related book I have not read, and in fact (*whispers*) not even heard of from (*whispers even more*) two years before I was born.

Thank you, @revk / @TheRealRevK!

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@humanetech I think this question is actually not the first that should be asked.

There are many different motivations for making FOSS. If your motivation is tantamount to trying something out and throwing it over the wall, strategy doesn't come into play. If you want to provide a product/service that happens to be FOSS, treat it as such.

What I find is that people aren't clear about their own motivation, and sort of assume they can have it both ways, for them to treat it...

Will I manage to get Debian booting on the Cosmo with LUKS full disk encryption? I'm not sure, but it will be fun to try.

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The joys of eBay - two computers for some Linux tinkering when I get time :)

Another Microsoft Surface Book 2 (potentially Sandra's next computer...?), and a Planet Cosmo (not their latest lube-named variant).

Thank you FSFE for this amazing pack of stickers and leaflets!

If you want some, either message me with a postal address (UK only!), or ask me if you see me.



Gay rights?

"Abnormal" consensual sex?

Mixed race relationships?

Where does it end?

News that the European Commission wants to attempt to screw up the Internet and online services further would usually rile me, and make me write something.

Tonight, it just feels so meaningless and trivial.

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Microsoft's Github Copilot is disregarding Free Software licenses and will be happily selling parts of your GPL code against your will! Woo!

As the author of this article says - free software should be dependant on free software architecture - I recommend as an open-source alternative to Github.
Sadly Github is no longer a platform that can be trusted.

CC: @codeberg

#FOSS #Github #Copilot #Microsoft #GPL #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Codeberg

Japanese man loses USB stick with entire city's personal details

The headline positions it as the failing of one person.

What controls, systems, safeguards, and oversight did the company have in place, to ensure this was neither necessary nor possible?

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When I tell people I won’t put certain apps on my phone because 1) they destroy privacy and 2) they are designed for profit to turn us into twitchy monsters… they are still mostly surprised. Boggles the mind how this could still be an unusual stance.

I have had the first of my "we've chatted online; fancy a coffee/catch-up?" chats. It was *amazing*!

I won't name names, but my goodness the time just flew by, from one fascinating theme to another.

If this is what being (forcibly) sociable is like, it's actually rather fun...

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Pissed that UK ICO think an organisation is not required to correct the email address they have record for me!

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I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are.

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I'm pleased to announce:

Libre X230 has also reduced in price by £40, *temporarily*. I've recently acquired a large bulk of these machines, for a lower price than usual.

Coreboot and Debian Linux pre-installed. Secure, private. Freedom!

The distro of coreboot is osboot, which I maintain myself. Sales fund development.

Get it here:

I am organising the @computersandlaw "Basics of Tech 2" event in a few weeks (tickets:, and I wonder if some kind of lightweight geeky "follow the digital breadcrumbs" competition might be fun...

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@neil I was in the pilot programme for Tethix earlier this year. Not sure if/when they're running the next cohort?

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